ChatGPT Privacy, Security, and Data Integrity

Utilizing a tool like ChatGPT or other AI models to process or analyze confidential project information can indeed present risks.

ChatGPT and Project Management

  1. Data Security: If the data being processed involves sensitive or proprietary information, there’s a risk that it could be exposed or intercepted, despite the efforts of providers to maintain confidentiality. You should carefully review the terms and conditions of the service to understand what measures are in place to protect data and whether those measures meet the standards of your organization and regulatory requirements.
  2. Compliance Concerns: Depending on the jurisdiction and the industry you are working in, there may be legal and regulatory obligations to safeguard certain types of information. Utilizing a third-party tool could lead to non-compliance with these regulations, especially if the provider doesn’t meet specific standards like GDPR, HIPAA, etc.
  3. Intellectual Property Risks: If the information being processed involves intellectual property or trade secrets, utilizing a third-party service might expose that information in a way that could be harmful to your organization’s interests.
  4. Trust and Ethical Considerations: There might be concerns from stakeholders, including team members, clients, or partners, about the ethical handling of data, especially if it involves personal or highly sensitive information.
  5. Technical Controls and Auditing: Depending on the design and deployment of AI tools like ChatGPT, it might not be feasible to have sufficient technical controls, monitoring, and auditing mechanisms in place to ensure that the data is handled appropriately and securely.

It would be prudent to avoid using such tools with confidential information unless you are certain that all relevant risks have been properly assessed and mitigated, and that the use of the tool aligns with your organization’s policies and legal obligations.

Risks & Mitigations

Utilizing a tool like ChatGPT with confidential projects poses several risks, and it is essential to identify and understand these along with potential mitigations.

  1. Data Leakage Risk
    1. Mitigation: Implement strict access controls, use end-to-end encryption, and work closely with the provider to understand their data handling procedures to ensure data is not stored or shared inappropriately.
  2. Non-Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
    1. Mitigation: Thoroughly review all relevant regulations (such as GDPR, HIPAA) that apply to your projects and ensure that the use of ChatGPT complies with these requirements. Obtain legal advice if necessary.
  3. Intellectual Property Exposure
    1. Mitigation: If discussing or processing intellectual property, ensure that all agreements with the provider include strong protections and that the provider’s practices align with your organization’s IP policies.
  4. Loss of Control Over Sensitive Information
    1. Mitigation: Implement robust oversight and control measures, including monitoring and auditing of interactions with the AI, to ensure sensitive information is handled appropriately.
  5. Potential Reputational Damage
    1. Mitigation: Clearly communicate with stakeholders about how data is being used and managed and make sure that the use of AI tools like ChatGPT aligns with the ethical standards and expectations of your organization and partners.
  6. Lack of Auditability and Traceability
    1. Mitigation: Maintain detailed logs and records of interactions with the AI, including what information was shared, when, and why, to support potential audits and investigations.
  7. Technical and Security Risks (e.g., hacking, unauthorized access)
    1. Mitigation: Utilize strong authentication measures, secure communication channels, and perform regular security assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.
  8. Potential Bias and Inaccuracy in AI Responses
    1. Mitigation: Understand the limitations of the AI model, provide proper training to staff interacting with the AI, and implement human oversight to review and validate critical decisions or recommendations made by the AI.

In conclusion, before you use ChatGPT or any other AI assistant programs with your project information, you likely need to consider the above.  You should also check your company guidelines, use common sense, discuss with your company security team and / or check online AI support forums if you have questions.

Michael C. Davis, PMP, SMC, LSSGB, ITILv3, GWCPM  | LinkedIn

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